Website Design & Development

All entities include of companies, organizations, governmental and non-governmental sectors, educations firms and even a small shop need a website.For having a standard website for your business, iDevelop software solution is best choice for design, development & launching of your business website.

What stages are for having a website?

How much a website cost is?

Having a complete and active website on internet, totally have two costs:

  1. Website design cost: (Website developers or coders cost) it is once payment for number of pages you need for your website.
  2. Hosting cost: You just rent a server and register a domain name (your business name on internet like You annually pay to renew your server rent (hosting) contract.

Type of websites:

Based on need and nature of organizations & businesses, in some cases they need dynamic website & in some cases they need static websites;

When the content of your website pages need update (These websites are called dynamic websites). Example you have a cloth store and need to have a website; definitely you need a dynamic website! Why? Because you need to post your new clothes & products on your website & remove your previous posted products. It means you need to update your website page content by yourself. But if you don’t need to update your website content, it means you need a static website page.